"Kingshoko" Instant Filter Start.

This live bacteria will start your filter in around 7 days.

Our instant filter start is a suspension of billions of fresh, living bacteria of the nitrosomas and/or nitrobacter species.

This live bacteria is grown in UK laboratories and is not freeze dried or inactivated in any way thus making super quick colonisation of filters possible.

It is of great use during the setup of new pond systems or after the loss of your pond biomass or at any time when ammonia or nitrite occur, eg. during spring. It is also beneficial to use it when increasing stock levels.

Under normal circumstances ammonia levels can be eliminated within seven days with nitrite levels following soon after.

If the problem is solely nitrite then a suspension of nitrobacter only is supplied.

This product is not kept on dealers shelves and is only supplied to order thus ensuring that massive numbers of organisms are introduce to your system.

We are often asked to supply this product when others have failed and have many customers within the trade.

We are sole distributors of KINGSHOKO.

   These letters were received by some of our many satisfied customers.


Wednesday 16th June 1999

Dear Paul

I Just thought I would drop you a line to pass on my results.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some Kingshoko filter start from yourselves, which I saw advertised in the Koi Carp magazine.

I was quite sceptical initially, as I had been told so many times that the majority of "filter start" products available simply don’t work, as the bacteria can’t be stored in this way - they simply die.

At the time, the ammonia and nitrite levels in my pond were increasing, and I was getting desperate, so I decided to try your Kingshoko product.

It’s the best value for money I’ve spent on my pond in a long time. It saved me huge amounts of money that I was considering spending on products like Zeolite, which would have been more expensive for the 6000 gallons of water I had to treat.

In a matter of days, the ammonia and nitrite levels were dropping. Within 7 days, they were the lowest they’ve ever been. Nitrites are now zero, (I’d never seen clear water on a nitrite test)

The fish are visibly much happier and eating more vigorously.

Congratulations on providing a brilliant product, that I’m sure has saved a lot of my fish.

Yours sincerely

Mike Spencer.



DEAR Pauls Koi,

I felt I must write to you about the experience I had with your product Kingshoko instant filter start.

Being a koikeeper for 18 years I am amazed at the super fast results achieved. I have used several other well known filter starts before and have had to wait several weeks before ammonia and nitrite levels fell.

With Kingshoko I saw results within a week. This live bacteria really does work and I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANY KOIKEEPER.
Mr. K. Longstaff,
Co. Durham.



Dear Paul,
I wish to thank you for the help and advice you gave regarding the water quality of my koi pool.

After reading the Koi Carp magazine I decided to try your "live nitrifying bacteria" named "Kingshoko". One week after receiving the bacteria the levels of nitrite had dropped from 0.37 to 0.00,and are still at this level.

I fully recommend this product.
Thank you,
Michael L Sanderson.

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